1 - I’ve never changed a keyboard key. Is it difficult?

That’s one of the real advantages of changing keyboard keys: the technique is simple and anyone can do it. The difficulty depends on the key and model. To help you, we’ve added a written guide as well as a video to our blog. Because we want to stay environmentally friendly, we don’t send out paper guides with our orders.


2 - Are the keys you sell new or second-hand?

 Almost all the keys sold on our site come from disused computers. So instead of them being destroyed or recycled into other materials, we harvest them for their keys and hinges. Only keys in excellent condition are resold, and they are cleaned before being shipped. Note that 99% of the keyboards in our stocks come from France. 


3 - I found my computer on your site but I can’t work out which model of hinge I have. What to do?

We only take 3 or 4 photos per type of hinge. So it’s possible that your hinge looks different than those used for the so-called “rare” keys such as ENTER, Fn, CTRL, ALT and a few others. In this case, we recommend that you remove a “letter” key from your keyboard and use it to identify the hinge reference. We have a video explaining how to safely remove a key. If you don’t feel up to it, send us some photos of your keyboard problem (hinge, key location, keyboard, etc.) by email to hello@welovekeys.com. Remember to tell us which model of PC you are using. We’ll get back to you in within 72 hours. 


4 - I can’t see my computer on your site. Does that mean you don’t have it in stock?

Not necessarily. But there are so many models of PCs and we receive so many keyboards each month that the site is constantly changing. It may well be that a model already online is compatible with yours. In that case, send us some photos of your keyboard problem (hinge, key location, keyboard, etc.) by email to XXX@XXX.com. Remember to tell us which model PC you are using. We’ll get back to you in within 72 hours. 


5 - I have to remove the key to identify the hinge. How do I do this?

Watch our video for some general advice on how to remove a key safely. For obvious reasons of cost, it’s impossible to make a video for each kind of keyboard. The main thing is to follow our explanations and the advice we give carefully.


6 - Only my hinge (or key) is broken. Can I buy one without the other?

No. For reasons of order preparation and stock management, we always sell the key and hinge together. In rare cases we can supply only the hinge, but note that this doesn’t necessarily mean the price will be lower.


7 - I can see that the rubber cup costs an extra €1 but I can’t select it in the product file.

We haven’t yet updated all our product files. If you order one on a product file where the €1 cup doesn’t appear as an option, no problem, we’ll send you one anyway. For free! 


8 - Why do the prices of different keys vary?

Simply because of demand. We sometimes have to re-order hundreds of keyboards because a few keys are out of stock. We are therefore forced to reflect this in our prices.


9 - Will my order be delivered to my letterbox or to my door as a recorded delivery?

Orders above €10 will certainly arrive in your letterbox, whatever shipping method you choose. We send all our orders via La Poste. Orders of over €50 may (although this is not automatic) be sent by recorded delivery.


10 - Do you provide invoices?

Yes, every order comes with a paper invoice and you can always find and download a PDF version from your Client Area.


11 - I chose rapid shipping with tracking but my tracking number doesn’t work. Is this normal?

Most of our traceable shipments are sent via PostExport or Export Suivi. For such orders, it can take up to 36 hours for the post office depot to activate tracking. Once your order changes to SHIPPED status in your Client Area, it means it’s on its way to you. An email is also sent to notify you of the shipment of your order.


12 - I’ve received my shipment but I ordered the wrong kind of hinge or shape of key. How can I change them?

Just go to your Client Area where you can manage your order. Note that you will definitely need photos of your keyboard problem in order for the change to take place.


13 - I’ve received my order and it’s the right one, but it’s faulty or there’s been an error. What to do?

No worries! Contact us via our contact page and let us know what’s up. We’ll be delighted to help you.


14 - I’ve received my order but I want to return it without changing and to be refunded. What to do?

We’re really sorry to hear that, but it’s your right of course. Please check the Returns Page where the process is spelled out in detail.