When I first had to deal with a broken laptop keyboard in 2009, I quickly realised how difficult it was to repair one. It’s expensive, it takes a long time and unless you’re a DIY expert, everyone seems intent on persuading you to abandon your current laptop and buy a new one.

While still a student, I created a sole trader business and bought an initial stock of non-functioning computers. I was in fact the first person to sell single keys for laptops in France. At first I sold them on eBay. But when things grew more successful and customers kept coming back for more, our first site was launched (www.informasur.fr), followed by another, better-designed site: www.touches-de-clavier.fr.

Now a limited company, we have nearly 2,000 keyboards in stock and sell mainly in France through our site www.touchedeclavier.com. The site has customers all around the world in over 20 countries. We’ve already shipped thousands of keys to all four corners of the globe.

By buying from WeLoveKeys.com, you save time, money and the planet, as our stocks come from used laptops!

And the show will go on!

This magnificent adventure is based in the La Cordée coworking complex in Lyon, France.