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17" Unibody Aluminium MacBook Pro KEYBOARD KEY REPLACEMENT

Select the MacBook Pro Unibody Aluminium 17 Pouces keyboard keys you need from our collection and give your laptop a new lease of life.


It's more environmentally-friendly and it's easy and rapid to make the change, so what are you waiting for?

All our MacBook Pro Unibody Aluminium 17 Pouces keyboard keys are authentic and come from non-functioning computers! Help to save the planet with WeLoveKeys.com.

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  • Identify your model of hinge:

    Every row of keys on a keyboard uses a different kind of hinge. So the key itself determines the hinge you receive.Once you recognise your hinge, look at the left of the table to identify its reference number.
    Normal key hinges
    Letters, numbers etc.
    Large key hinges
    Space, Return, Shift, Tab, Caps, etc.
    Small key hinges
    F1, F2, Esc, Arrows, etc.
    NB : On certain models, we only offer a single type of hinge, but this doesn’t mean that only one type exists. Make sure that it matches your keyboard. If in doubt, send us pictures of your problem (key position, hinge, keyboard, etc.)..
    Problems in making your choice? Consult our online help.





    If your cup is missing or damaged, you can add one to your basket. Because the installation of the new cup involves glue, WeLoveKeys.com cannot offer a 100% guarantee of the success of your installation.. To find out more, consult our tutorial explaining how to install the cup.

    The following video will show you the guidelines  and  simple actions you need to follow for an optimal installation of your new kit (hinge and key).

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             Product Guarantee :


    Your order is guaranteed for 3 months from the date of purchase. This guarantee is limited to the breakage of a key or hinge purchased from us. It excludes any breakage due to wear and tear, burns, shock, etc., to which the key or hinge may be exposed. During the guarantee period, only one change can be made for a given key or hinge purchased from us.


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    If you experience a difficulty on receipt of your order, or change your mind, and do not wish to receive a replacement, you can return your order (at your expense) within 24 days of the date of reception.. We will reimburse you within a maximum of one month from the date of your purchase. Click HERE to request a reimbursement.